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Medway Maritime Hospital - Emerald Ward - PISO

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst many contractors had downed tools and vacated sites across the country, PISO remained on-site and delivered the full specification of work under a strict and controlled operational environment. This required adhering to self-imposed COVID guidelines to ensure that all site operatives could operate in a safe and effective manner whilst keeping this project on course to eventually accommodate an influx of COVID patients.

This project was testament to PISO’s dedication and work ethic whilst managing unforeseen risks in collaboration with the client, performing daily dynamic risk assessments and evolving our ways of working to accommodate.



Site Services

It is our policy to make an initial site visit whenever possible, in order to check measurements, assess the quality of the sub-floor and to discuss your requirements.

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Sub-Floor Preparation

Sub-floor preparation is the key to a superior final finish.

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By operating several specialists teams we achieve the best possible results when fitting a wide range of flooring solutions.

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Using quality products and correct installation techniques will help every floor to perform its best for years to come, but we can also provide additional help where required.

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